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During the war-torn summer of 1974 in Cyprus Sally tries to rescue her husband, unjustly imprisoned in a far corner of the country.


As she tries to locate him, the island is steadily torn apart by the invading forces of the Turkish army, making refugees of thousands of the population as they flee their homes in terror.


As Sally battles to get her husband released, after his arrest during the military coup, she is thwarted time and again, either by the terrorists who attempt to kill her or the relentless march of the Turkish Army as they invade and capture the whole of the north of the island where her husband is locked up.


A gripping fictional story of love and separation, inspired by personal, political and historical events, set within two months of major upheaval in the Mediterranean paradise of Cyprus.


* Eleanor Michael lives by the sea in Portugal with her husband and ginger cat CharleyW

Gill Emett Thomas returns with the follow-up to My Warwickshire Wartime...a delightful illustrated account of working and courting in central London in the fifties. 

Gill explains: From the time of my teenage visits to London in the early fifties right up to the end of the decade I had found London to be full of surprises and contrasts.


No matter how grand and imposing some of its official buildings might be there was always the human element: a modest little eating place nearby and busy activity with messenger boys and delivery vans.


Impressive forma town houses had tiny mews cottages tucked between them. Every district had its own very distinctive character and attributes, its own life and energy. The variety and interest of this great city was never-ending.


"Christine Ozanne? I know your face...but, um remind me, what have I seen you in?"


For ‘unknown’ jobbing actors, this is the most frequently asked question, and in this amusing antidote to celebrity...the perils and pleasures of being an ‘unknown’ are explored.


Ozanne obey her father’s instructions to "go and collect some memories", as she sets off for RADA, and from her film debut in 1958 in Carry on Nurse, to the 2016 sitcom Upstart Crow, she describes many hilarious situations working with the great and the good during the past 58 years in film, theatre, radio and television.


Revealing some acting clues in Shakespeare’s text, Ozanne reports on the three productions at The Globe, presented by The Original Shakespeare Company, which she co-founded with her partner, Patrick Tucker. Working abroad led them to some exotic places, and those often precarious adventures are chronicled in this memoir.


This thoroughly entertaining read is also a homage to every individual who has beavered away in the business without fame or fortune: The Unknown Actor.


'I know from experience that writing one’s life story is never easy but Christine has managed to make her own story fun, entertaining and poignant.  She reveals the hidden world of the unknown actor, with additional insights into performing Shakespeare and travelling the globe. For anyone interested in the world of acting, this is a refreshing and entertaining read' - Sir David Jason



A fresh start turns into a nightmare for Dr David Linde when he discovers his new house is haunted.

He is unware his presence is about to unleash deadly spirits...phantoms lying within its walls for centuries, gathering power.

A fleeting glimpse of a shadowy Victorian woman leads to gruesome murders.

As police investigate, the full spine-tingling terror comes to light.
The forces of good and evil collide in a blood-curdling climax so terriifying you too will be forever haunted by the events at The Eaves.

Mervyn Russen was born in 1946 in Ipswich and graduated in chemistry, working at Fisons for 36 years and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and is a Chartered Chemist. He retired as a Quality Assurance Manager in 2001, and began writing this soon-to-be-published novel. Mervyn is a cartoonist, a steam railway fanatic, loves old films (especially silents and the film noir of the 1940s) and the history of his town.

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