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Once your manuscript is ready we will format the paperback version of your book first, to a mutually agreed dimension using our bespoke templates, and can assist with cover design, the layout of photo pages and also an index, if required.


When the first proof copy of the paperback is ready, you will have the opportunity to make some  basic tweaks and changes, add any further acknowledgements or credits and to check front and back cover design and content, before the book receives one final proof-read. Further proof copies can be ordered if need be.


Once the paperback has been signed off and is ready to be listed on Amazon, that version will be formatted into a Kindle eBook, also ready for listing.


Your title will be assigned a Nielsen Bookscan UK ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and uploaded to the following global Amazon platforms in both paperback and Kindle eBook formats. (UK) (U.S and rest of the world) (Germany) (France) (Spain) (Italy) (Japan) (Canada) (Brazil) (Mexico) (Australia)


When a customer orders and pays for a print-on-demand paperback book through Amazon, a unique copy is printed and posted to the customer free of charge, with next day delivery also available at standard rates. One click and Kindle eBooks are downloaded to a device in seconds.


Once the paperback is available for sale through Amazon, the client will also be able to order ‘author’ copies at a reduced rate, at approximately a third of the retail price, which they can use for promotional purposes or sell personally, as they wish. Any number can be ordered at any time.


Royalties for the paperback are determined by the pricing of the book and the total number of pages. Here are some examples (approx) based on a 300-page paperback.

Retail - £9.99 / Royalty - £2.31 per book sold.
Retail - £8.99 / Royalty - £1.71 
Retail - £7.99 / Royalty - £1.11 
Retail - £6.99 / Royalty - £0.50 

So more pages the paperback is and/or the lower the retail price you set, the lower the royalty is per book sold. 

Royalties earned per copy for eBooks are much higher and are an across-the-board 70% of the retail price you set. For example, as follows…


Kindle eBook
Retail - £2.99 / Royalty - £2.09 per Kindle sold
Retail - £1.99 / Royalty - £1.39
Retail - £0.99 / Royalty - £0.69

To cover admin costs – IE, the managing of the sales channels and collecting and distribution of royalties on-going - Avocado Books receives 25% of all royalties accrued and you, the author, will receive the remaining 75% of all royalties.

Royalties are initially paid on a monthly basis, and then quarterly on-going.

Regular Amazon-generated sales reports can be requested at any time.


All Avocado Books titles will also be placed with key wholesalers and distributors in the UK for consideration to be stocked in Waterstones and other leading book shops and independent book stores.



Basic publishing packages start from £2,000-00. For more details or to receive a rate card please email us through the Contact Us page.

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