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marketing and brand creative for independent publisher for new writers
One-stop design and marketing develops digital marketing strategies for Avocado Books' campaigns, authors individual websites and respective social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. Services offered tailored to each title/brand:


  • Content marketing with engaging copy

  • Website Design & CMS capabilities

  • Maximised SEO

  • Blogs and newsletters

  • Online awareness with consumers, clients and B2B

  • Collaborative networking

  • Hashtag creation

  • GIF ads

  • Copyright free stock images

  • Book Cover Design

Twitter - Facebook - LinkediN - Instagram - SnapChat

We take the reins of your preferred or recommended digital channels to enhance the marketing of your book. Networking and engaging content or initial set up provided in the specific direction your genre requires and its subsequent followers and readers. 

Operational and strategic planning to PR your project prior to, during and after publishing release dates.

Packages - artwork, design, marketing and author development…
  • Cover design - £350-00
  • Website design / Facebook makeover - £1,000-00
  • Bronze marketing package (x 2 months social media hosting) = £600-00
  • Silver marketing package (including x 2 months social media hosting / website design and 1-year’s website hosting = £1,250-00
  • Gold marketing package - bronze + silver package + website extension + author profile development + introduction to author writing communities - £2,000-00

For more details or to request a package please email us through the Contact Us page

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